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 Thank you for your glowing feedback!

Pooja Gupta, Eindhoven: I started learning Dutch from Chaitali mam recently. There is a saying -something is difficult until you learn it. Learning a language as a grown-up is one of the most challenging things to do especially a foreign language and here comes Chaitali mam as our savior. Any subject can be fun or boring all depends on your teacher(guru). She has a very unique, her own way of teaching, making the session so interactive and paying attention to each and every student in the class that no one can leave untouched by her encouragement. She makes the journey smooth, thank you so much, Mam! I really enjoy your classes, I hardly feel I am studying, I use to fear seeing the complex sentences, but you made them look and sound simple from your Grammatica, It is her passion for teaching, what you can feel while studying, if you pay enough attention in the class itself, you learn a bit by bit a lot. Once again Thankyou Mam and I recommend to everyone to take classes from her.  Neeraj Jain, Eindhoven: Chaitali is quite passionate, hard-working, and fully focused on the classes. I liked the way she teaches, Her teaching techniques are quite effective for beginners of the Dutch language. I would definitely recommend her to any person looking for Dutch language lessons. Date: 08/02/2023                                                                                                                                                   Varsha Shitole, Eindhoven: I am happy to be part of On point communication. Thank you to my teacher Chaitali. Knowing the local language is really important for socializing, also it's necessary at the workplace and helps you to easily integrate. This motivated me to join the Dutch course A0 level. A few of my friends gave me feedback on Chaitali and so I decided to join her lessons. She is very hardworking and structured and put all her efforts to make lessons interesting and easy to understand. All lessons are very engaging and although you do them online, you get easily involved with your classmates. She explains grammar very well and gives you tips which I found really helpful. For me, her classes helped especially in pronunciation and improving the phrasing of my sentences in Dutch. She also gives a lot of practice assignments which also help you to cover all the aspects you learned in the class. I would really recommend her if anyone wants to learn Dutch. She is a great teacher and also a friendly person who is always ready to help you. Date: 05/02/2023                     I wanted to learn Dutch for a long time and wished for a thorough learning of the language. I chose On-Point Communications for my journey of learning Dutch. I must mention that I enjoyed my classes a lot. My first impression of Chaitali was that she was friendly and easy to talk to. I feel when you have a great teacher, who is kind, affable, knowledgeable, and of course helpful then you are one lucky person. So is Chaitali. She knows how to conduct lessons and make the learner pick them up quickly. I like how she involves us in the process of reading and explains it. She teaches amicably and focuses on the practice work. The practice exercises are great for learning. The best thing is that her lessons urge me to read Dutch more these days. I find her lessons in-depth and useful. Through her lessons and her teaching methodology, I can say I'm happy with my progress to date and also have gained confidence about this language. She is indeed a good teacher and a good guide too. I will surely recommend her to others.          Date: 02/02/2023                  Teena Porwal, Eindhoven: I enrolled for the Dutch A0-A1 classes with Chaitali on the recommendation of a friend, after completion of the course I can say that the recommendation was well above expectations. Being completely new to the Dutch language, she made it quite understandable and easy for a beginner like me. This gave me the confidence to learn Dutch and broke my mental barriers to being able to learn the language. The learning has been quite satisfactory. Chaitali has quite a reach on the subject and the course content covered every aspect of the language. Date: 16/12/2022

Chirag & Rajesh Kumari, Groningen: My wife and I took A0-A1 Dutch language lessons from On Point. As rightly mentioned a strong foundation is necessary for a strong building, On Point, helps to develop a strong foundation of the Dutch language providing utmost clarity of Grammar and practical use of the language in day-to-day life. The method of coaching is very simple and easy to understand. Each and every doubt is followed up till it is resolved. We believe no online language tool can help unless such clarity is achieved as we have achieved in our lessons here. Date: 22 Nov 2023

Samyuktha Done, Eindhoven: I found your classes very helpful. You have a very structured syllabus. You give a proper explanation of the grammar so that we can remember it easily, you also make the session interactive. Date: 23/10/2022

Satyaki Bhaumik, Eindhoven: I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Chaitali ma'am for her immense support to take me through this complete process of getting through the Dutch A2 level exams and Inburgering application process. I must admit without her well-defined program I would not be able to get through the exams. Moreover, I must agree that Chaitali ma'am exactly knows what internationals like us would struggle with the language rather than any other Dutch-designed programs in Institutes. Furthermore, she is extremely patient and encouraging. She pushed me to honestly do all the homework which helped me significantly in the preparation...I recommend all internationals willing to take up the Inburgering examination to enroll in Chaitali ma'am's Onpoint courses. Date:12/10/2022

Rima Verlekar, Almere: Resembles Indian tutor, good content, all grammar, basics are point to point explained, Flexible in the schedule. Class A0 is just a kick start to learning dutch more classes are needed. Would expect dutch tutor books for students for future reference. The course is lengthy, I expect more frequent classes instead. Date: 06/06/2022

Harika Atukuri, Veldhoven: I recently completed the A0-A1 course with Chaitali. The classes are very helpful her teaching skills are excellent and strong dedication towards students I do highly recommend her. Thank you for the support Chaitali.

Muthu Veera Ragavan, Eindhoven: On-point is an excellent place where you can learn Dutch easily and clearly. I guess this is the only place where to get notes at end of each class which would be useful for future reference. I would say, please make use of ON-POINT to get a grip on Dutch.  Date: 04/05/2022

Manisha Hage, Veldhoven: I found the right place to start learning Dutch for beginners from scratch. Chaitali's classes are well-organized and very interactive. Thank you, Chaitali for a wonderful Dutch learning experience. Date: 23/02/ 2022

Date: 22/02/2022

Jyoti Prakash, Eindhoven: My Dutch lesson started two years back with multiple native teachers but I dropped out by choice when my stress level and confusion built up after missing a couple of classes. I must say learning Dutch is relaxing if your teacher is Chaitali. With other teachers, you will definitely know what to learn in Dutch but Chaitali will teach you what and how to learn Dutch. Much appreciated and thank you very much for being my Dutch teacher.  Date: 11 Dec, 2021

Prognya Ghosh, Eindhoven: Thank you so much for the fantastic Dutch lessons. Chaitali is a very dedicated teacher who really cares about the real progress of her students. She gives ample opportunities to clear doubts and patiently answers all questions. She is very particular about giving the right amount of challenges and assignments which help keep track of our progress. She makes the daunting task of learning a new language very easy. I look forward to attending her class every week.  Date: 5 dec, 2021

Priya Singh, Eindhoven: Thank you Chaitali for a wonderful Dutch learning experience. Learning a foreign language is always difficult but with structured lessons, you made learning easy. You are an amazing experienced teacher. Thank you for all your help and effort. Date: 28 Oct, 2021

 Date: 16 Oct, 2021

Priya Nayaran, Breda: Dutch classes conducted by ON point communications are planned and structured for step-by-step learning of a new language. The extra exercises after the class help in understanding and practicing grammar. Every class covers all aspects of learning a new language like grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Chaitali ensures that we get our basic building blocks ( grammar) correct, which is so essential in learning a new language and she also helps us in fine-tuning our pronunciations. During every class, we also get to hear about the Dutch culture and their way of living, their colloquial way of speaking which really helps in integrating with the society faster and better. I definitely recommend Chaitali's classes for anyone who is trying to learn the language from absolute basics.

Vasu Palisetty, Eindhoven: I think, the method of teaching Dutch at On Point is unique and it helps students to learn Dutch faster. It's really appreciated that the trainer Chaitali keeps it very interactive and more practical. Giving home works and correcting them really useful for students to practice more. I strongly recommend On point for Dutch courses.

Dilip Bokkasum, Eindhoven: I completed a Dutch-speaking course recently and it has helped me with better speaking skills and more confidence in the language. Chaitali's teaching and classes provide a practical way of learning and practicing the Dutch language.

Swetha Motri, Amsterdam: She is very Patient & Happy to explain whatever doubt it is & how many times ever asked. I get my doubts cleared within a day or less through Teams/WhatsApp.

Pradeep Nagaraju, Eindhoven: Thanks Chaitali for helping me to learn the Dutch language. I think Dutch is a difficult language (at least for me). But with your method of teaching, I can say I have a better understanding of the language and also generated interest in me to learn more. What stands out for me is the way you have organized the classes, every class we make an incremental improvement in many areas be it Grammer, vocabulary, general spoken or writing tips, pronunciation, etc.

Maya Subramanian, Eindhoven: Both my husband and I are studying Dutch in ON-POINT for the past few months and I would say we have made good progress in our learning. Chaitali is an amazing instructor. She understands the level of her students and conducts lessons accordingly. She explains the concepts well. She gives ample examples in the class and follows them with a good amount of exercises for us to practice and be proficient. We would definitely recommend ON-POINT and specially Chaitali for a teacher to anybody wanting to learn Dutch.

Nishant Saxena, Eindhoven: On Point is the place for every individual who is looking for Learning Dutch for preparing themselves for Inburgering or who is interested to master Dutch as an additional language. Chaitali understands the need of every student and then design/suggest the course for every individual. The best part is she keeps you involved and motivated during the class. Chaitali has mastered the need of all new Dutch learners and I strongly recommend On Point for everyone if you really looking for good results!

Pratik Upadhyay, Veldhoven: I would definitely recommend On Point's Dutch language course. I am pursuing this course along with my wife, we are really happy with the structured way she follows. She gives adequate individual attention to everyone which makes class very interactive. Rules for Dutch Grammar is taught by her in such a simple manner which is simply brilliant makes students very confident. "A great Teacher with great Method(Art) of Teaching Dutch Language "

Dharmen Bavaria, Eindhoven: There is a difference between the A1 classes I took before and in Chaitali's teaching method/approach. I really like the dedication of how she teaches us and all the assignments she gives to keep up the pace and we don't forget what we learned. I highly recommend learning dutch from her.

Supriya Manchi, Eindhoven: Chaitali has a good grip over the dutch language. She explains the concepts well. She prepares her students for Inburgering exams as well as for day-to-day communication. That is the right way to learn the language.

Vikas Singh, Eindhoven: I am so happy to be a part of the team. Learning a new language is a challenge, but Chaitali has made it simple. Learning is so much fun. Thanks for being so supportive.

Varsha Nij, Eindhoven: I Would definitely recommend On Point Communications. Chaitali teaches in a different way and makes sure everyone understands. I was very uncomfortable joining the language class but after joining I really started enjoying and encouraged to learn Dutch.

Amruta Bhargava, Veldhoven: I was wondering how effective an online language course would be. This one is really very effective. Chaitali is an amazing instructor. She is doing a fabulous job with overall course content, the pace, and addressing student queries. I am quite happy with her teaching and guidance. I would definitely recommend On-POINT to anyone who is looking forward to learning Dutch.

Vinay Gaonkar, Eindhoven: Chaitali is a great teacher. I definitely would recommend Dutch lessons by Chaitali.

Kavya M Bhat, Eindhoven: The experience with Chaitali has been great. She understood exactly what our needs and expectations are and classes are accordingly structured. She is making the process of learning a new language easy and exciting. Definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to start learning Dutch.

Harneet Kaur, Eindhoven: Chaitali tailors her approach to the individual's learning goals which makes her classes unique. Absolutely enjoying my Dutch learning journey with her!

Roopashree, Eindhoven: As a beginner in the Dutch language, I found great value in being a part of ON POINT's class. The lessons are detailed and the focus is always on the student and student's understanding of the concept. The teacher doesn't rush into completing the designed syllabus.  Her classes are the best way to expose oneself to the Dutch language. 

Eveline Bronoska, Best: I went to ON POINT a couple of years ago since I was struggling with my dutch grammar (A1). I was hugely helped. She is patient and takes time to help out the student with dedication. I also passed my Inburgering due to her help, thanks!

Mahesh Chandra, Eindhoven: I Would definitely recommend Chaitali for her unique teaching style. She is very supportive, committed, and encourages everyone to reach their goals.

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